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The Narrow-Mindedness of the ‘Accepted Wisdom’

Today’s guest post is by Sarah Argodale, a young student who is getting ready to start her Master’s degree in Public Policy/Administration. In her spare time, she likes to write about feminism and video games. You can follow her here. A recent … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed 3 Multiplayer Trailer Makes Me Cringe

Last week, Ubisoft posted a trailer for the multiplayer mode of upcoming game Assassin’s Creed 3. Predictably, it features whites and Native Americans, both men and women, killing each other with rifles, hammers, daggers and the like. Standard procedure for … Continue reading

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Hey E3, It’s Time to Have a “No Booth Babes” Policy

  E3 might be a wonderful conference to attend if you’re a straight, white, privileged male interested in getting your photo taken by scantily-clad women at video game booths.  But the women (and their allies) in and around the game … Continue reading

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FemShep Steps Forward, But for How Long?

On the final day of the San Diego Comic Con, I sat in a hotel lobby completely exhausted, but still unable to stop grinning as I watched two little girls carry on a protracted and energetic pretend battle with a … Continue reading

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FemShep Will Be on CE Box Art, Get Her Own Trailer Thanks to Fans

Fans of the female version of Mass Effect‘s Commander Shepard rejoice: BioWare Marketing Director David Silverman has confirmed on Twitter that not only is the company working on a trailer featuring FemShep, but she will be included on the box … Continue reading

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RamaCity: Manly casual game for men

Bigpoint, an online game publisher, has just announced a press release about their new game, RamaCity.  This city-building game is their “first casual game targeted specifically towards men”.  Is there any game more masculine than one in which players carefully … Continue reading

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Duke Nukem Forever – Wallowing in sexism

  In some games we find sexism buried within plot points or seen through the stereotyped portrayals of female characters. Duke Nukem Forever is not one of those games. There is no need to look deeply into gameplay or storyline … Continue reading

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*NSFW* Top Spin 4: Selling female athletes and gamers as sex symbols

  Top Spin 4 is the latest installment of 2KGames’ tennis series featuring playable character depictions of actual tennis stars.  This latest promotional video features professional tennis champion Serena Williams and the “world’s sexiest tennis gamer” Rileah Vanderbilt, and it definitely … Continue reading

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Trenched – for men, manly men! (no girls allowed)

  A new game has been announced from Double Fine.  In this game you can control huge robots against what appears to be a science fiction type  alien menace. A large variety of gigantic robots can be controlled by the … Continue reading

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Ad Copy Done Wrong: BTO Online’s sexism, racism, & classism

Wundergeek is a straight, cis white woman who recently was asked to write an article about sexism in gaming and found she couldn’t shut up about in once the article was done. She’s since started Go Make Me a Sandwich, a blog … Continue reading

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