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Same Sex Romance and Mass Effect 3

Though rare, same sex romance options are not new to video games. We have seen them Jade Empire, The Sims, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and the Dragon Age series. But lately, BioWare has had some shining moments in this … Continue reading

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The Border House Podcast – Episode 1: Lewd-onarrative Dissonance

  It’s finally here! In our premier episode, we talk about diversity issues in the portrayal of romances in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series from BioWare. As to be expected, there are spoilers for these games in the podcast (though, if you … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Sex!

The following is a guest post from Kate Cox: Kate Cox had ideas about games, thought, “someone should write about this,” then realized in 2010, “I’m someone.”  She’s a straight white cis woman who’s been an avid gamer since 1986 … Continue reading

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FemShep Steps Forward, But for How Long?

On the final day of the San Diego Comic Con, I sat in a hotel lobby completely exhausted, but still unable to stop grinning as I watched two little girls carry on a protracted and energetic pretend battle with a … Continue reading

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The Politics of Game Hair

N.B. Many thanks to Latoya Peterson for allowing me to ask her a few questions, and my friend Janathan for reading and giving me feedback. I do not claim to have these experiences, but it is something I rarely see … Continue reading

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BioWare producer claims its female characters are not iconic

  BioWare sure isn’t on a roll lately when it comes to their developers sharing their opinions publicly.  A conversation on Twitter went down Wednesday in which a producer at BioWare claimed that woman Shepard (from the Mass Effect series) … Continue reading

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Actually Breaking It Down: Penny Arcade’s Rape Comic

Trigger Warning: This post contains both triggers of rape and using it as a device for humor. Personally, I did not find the comic triggering (and thank unicorns for that–all I would need at six in the morning). That does … Continue reading

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Miranda: Femme Fatale?

As a space adventurer, and saviour of the galaxy with a new game spinning in the drive, I was happy. More Mass Effect! Getting back to being Ophelia Shepard! I HAVE WAITED SO LONG!! A few hours into the game, … Continue reading

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Homosexuality in Mass Effect 2

Tracey John recently interviewed some people at Bioware and among the questions asked included one about the lack of homosexual relationships in Mass Effect 2. The article had a quote from Casey Hudson, the Mass Effect 2 project lead,  “We … Continue reading

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BioWare Adds Women’s Sizes to Online Store

Many women gamers are in a pickle when it comes to wearing branded apparel of their favourite games. The majority of times, licensed clothing is not available in women’s sizes, and whilst men’s t-shirts can fit many women, a lot … Continue reading

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