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Games Imitating Life: Rape Culture In MMORPGs?

The following is a guest post from J.E. Keep: J.E. Keep, and his partner M. Keep, write romance and erotica, administer their adult forum Darknest (a fantasy erotica site for gamers) and read simply everything. All while playing games and … Continue reading

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Roll a Die by the Sword: An Engagement with Jennifer Hepler’s Ideas

  There were many things wrong with the recent bacchanal of hate that surrounded Bioware writer Jennifer Hepler this past week, but one of the more critical ones was this: she was being savaged for merely offering an opinion in … Continue reading

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The dilemma of character versus gameplay

Last week on the blog we ran a cool piece by Jadelyn on playing female characters in games and it got me thinking.  I ended up going on a thinking trip about Zoey, then to Lilith from Borderlands, and then … Continue reading

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