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Teerah Shepard


Teerah Shepard

Teerah remembers her parents. This is not what people expect at first. She is a slumrat, one of the dregs. They crawl up from nothing and come to nothing, which is what everyone says and everyone knows. But she remembers her parents and her father’s bright smile and her mother’s strong hands. What became of them, well, she remembers that too, but it’s not important. What is important is that she kept on; she survived; she did not compromise.

When she enlists she’s still a slumrat, crawled up from nothing, who will come to nothing. Everyone says and everyone knows that she will wash out. Her kind don’t do well with authority or structure, taking orders and following rules. It is not the first untrue thing said of her and it will not be the last. She keeps on, she survives, and she does not compromise. On Akuze, she is the only one. She remembers what became of her unit, the ways in which each and every one of them died. But it’s not important.

They look at her differently then. Before: she’s damaged, no matter how many years of perfect service–perfect soldiering–precede her, a look at her pre-service history paints her in colors that bleed into everything afterwards. After: she’s broken, which is just a more heroic form of damaged. It’s all another skin they want so badly for her to slip into.

Teerah would wish to be defined by all of her actions, her attitudes, and the choices she makes, not just the parts of her past that burn bright in other people’s minds, shaping their expectations. But she’s smart enough to know that they will never stop defining her by the things she’s walked away from. She is a pristine whole–unwavering, just, and charitable. They only see her parts.

It’s not important.

She keeps on. She survives. She does not compromise.

Multiple shots of Teerah Shepard ducking behind cover, being addressed by the Citadel Council, flanked by Kaidan Alenko, etc.

This is a series of posts seeking to highlight the various Commanders Shepard of the Mass Effect universe, and make sure people don’t forget that not everyone plays a default white male option that looks like every other space marine out there. Inspiration from Arie Salih.

Commander A. Shepard

by guest contributor Kateri, originally posted at her blog, Falling Awkwardly.

Commander A. Shepard

Commander A. Shepard

Contains spoilers for Mass Effect 1.



Scene: The cargo bay of the SS Normandy.


Oh, hey. You new around here?

Yeah, I signed on at Noveria.

How you settling in? The Normandy’s quite something, isn’t she?

She sure is… can’t help wondering a bit about the Commander, though.

And what’s THAT supposed to mean?

No, no! I didn’t mean it like that! Shepard’s a freaking legend, nobody doubts her ability to lead, or her capabilities! I mean, people were whispering about her even before Akuze – with her family’s military history, command is in the blood, right? I’d follow her anywhere. It’s just… sometimes she can be a little… intense?

If you mean crazy, say so.

Not crazy! Her tactical decisions are sound, she looks after her crew, does things by the book, and certainly gets results, it’s just… Don’t get me wrong, I’ve served under tough commanders before. I don’t have a problem with her demanding respect, she deserves it, and she gets it.


But she just threatened to push me out of an airlock!

What did you do?


Come on. She must’ve had a reason.

I didn’t do anything! All I said was, “It’s an honour, ma’am. After what you did, anyone on Noveria would be proud to serve with Angelina Shepa–

You didn’t!


Hahahaha, no wonder she flipped out on you! You don’t EVER say that to her.


The A word.

Her first name? Ange–

Don’t say it! She might hear! Look, there’s a reason everyone calls her Shepard. I’ll bet she makes her goddamn grandmother call her Shepard. Anyway, she has a point – does she look like an Angelina to you? They shoulda covered that in your first briefing.

Oh. So, is that the only thing I should remember? I’ve heard a few other things about her, like… did she really make Dr T’soni cry?

Oh yeah! That was great! What was it she said… “I am NOT James T Kirk, I do NOT want to meld minds or show you this thing huuu-maans call ‘love’, now get your little spandexed ass back to the med bay before I show you the BAD attachments on my Omnitool!” I laughed like a drain, and she gave me such a deathstare I went and hid in the engine room for the rest of the day! But mostly she’s very reasonable. Oh, but never volunteer to go on a mission in the MAKO with her.

Bad driver?

Have you ever been on one of those anti-grav gyroscopic rides they have on Anderion?


But with more lava pits and Thresher Maws. And I wouldn’t say it’s bad driving, exactly, since I’m pretty sure she was doing it on purpose.

I see.

I only went on one trip. We were only supposed to be going a couple of kms, just over the plain to the downed satellite and back. At one point, I remember Ash Williams screaming “With respect, Ma’am, if I’m gonna die, I want it to be in battle, not sprayed against the inside of a truck while you execute a flying 3-point turn into a rockface at mach speed!” Each time we went over another cliff, Wrex and Shepard would whoop like schoolchildren. And each time we landed, the Quarian would yell that back on her flotilla, she’d incur serious criminal charges for mistreating valuable technology in such a way. Dr T’soni just huddled in her seat with her eyes pressed shut, reciting some sort of Asari litany against fear. I ended up crushed under the Krogan when we rolled over again, and his harness gave way. Then Lt. Alenko threw up, and things really got nasty.

Hey, about Lt. Alenko, is it true what I heard about him and Shepard?

That she single-handedly fireman’s-lifted him off the battlefield when he got knocked out at Virmire? Yes! That was awesome, he must be double her weight!

No, I mean that they’re… you know.

Don’t believe everything you hear. I know there were rumours after Virmire, but I talked to a guy who was there, and he said no way in hell did she throw Williams under the shuttle to save him. There was no favouritism involved, it was the only tactical choice. I wouldn’t believe otherwise anyway – she and Ash were tight. No way would Shepard have let her die unless she had to. After Akuze, they say Shepard’s been near-obsessive about preserving her team. What happened on Virmire really got to her, and it can’t have been made easier by people questioning her motives out of some idea they have that she was banging Alenko. If that were the case, top brass’d have her head. But it’s NOT the case, so keep your mouth shut.

Jeez, sorry, OK. I get it. She’s professionalism incarnate, and there’s nothing between her and Alenko.

Oh, she’s banging him all right. Don’t think she’s serious about him, though. He was drunk in the mess room one night, moaning to Garrus that she only liked him ’cause he reminded her of her ex. Something about making him wear an orange jacket, and asking if she could call him Garth, I think. Kinky. What I mean is, she doesn’t let anything like that affect her decisions.

I see.

Just between us? I think the one she really likes is Joker. They hang around the cockpit snarking about the rest of the crew till late in the night. Once I was passing by, and I heard him say “It’d never work out, Shep. I’m just not romanceable.” Then they heard me coming and shut up quick.

Joker? But he’s… they could never…

What, you think he’s a human write-off, just ’cause he’s disabled? Screw you, man! He’s a great guy, much more her type. And if you really think there’s only one way to have sex, then you clearly have no imagination whatsoever. For a start, have you SEEN the way he controls that ship? Guy’s got the touch.


And I’ll bet Shepard’s not short of interesting ideas in that department, she always was, heh… innovative.


What’s that noise? You don’t have an Omnitool, so who– She’s… behind me, isn’t she? RUN!!!



This is a series of posts seeking to highlight the various Commanders Shepard of the Mass Effect universe, and make sure people don’t forget that not everyone plays a default white male option that looks like every other space marine out there. Inspiration from Arie Salih.

Maleena Shepard

Commander Maleena Shepard - headshot

My Commander is Maleena Shepard. A soldier by occupation but she only joined Alliance forces after being rescued by an Alliance officer that had been patrolling Mindoir. As a teenager  she helplessly watched as her family and friends were either slaughtered or enslaved and witnessing such atrocities molded her entire outlook on life. She simply cannot stand by and watch individuals suffer if there is anything she can do to help. She thought that by joining the military she could help others.

Her travels through the galaxy were eye opening. She was able to meet races she had not had contact with as a child and this made her realize how short sighted and wrong her views of others had been.  Her missions taught her that the world was a  more diverse place than she had realized. The lands she visited were unlike her home and the people she met were unlike her family or her captors. When a member of her own crew began to make racist comments Maleena was enraged, even going so far as to stop taking this individual on reconnaissance  missions. When talking with Wren, Maleena again felt the heavy weight of what those in positions of power could do those that lacked it and this further deepened her resolve. She would do whatever little she could to prevent the world from remaining a cruel, unjust place. Maleena hopes that one day there will be a lasting peace or at least compromise and understanding between different races and planets. She hopes her choice of humans to seat on the Council will help but knows that is just one small step in the right direction. Everywhere she looks she still sees hatred and cruelty and so Maleena fights for what little positive impacts she can make in the galaxy. She hopes that her choices do not hurt others but understands that she cannot forsee all the consequences of her actions. Commander Maleena Shepard knows that she will not always do what is right but at least she will try her best.

Maleena aboard the Normandy

I would like to thank  Denis Farr for recreating the screen shots of Maleena Shepard.

This is a series of posts seeking to highlight the various Commanders Shepard of the Mass Effect universe, and make sure people don’t forget that not everyone plays a default white male option that looks like every other space marine out there. Inspiration fromArie Salih.

Ronia Shepard

Ronia Shepard, a headshot.

Ronia Shepard, a headshot.

My Commander Shepard?

My Commander Shepard is known for resilience. People whisper the word Akuze around her, and know she has what it takes.

Between her knowledge of technology and engineering and use of the sniper rifle, she exudes patience. She is meticulous. She is careful. She is intelligent.

And she knows what she represents. A first.

My Commander Shepard can not make mistakes without scrutiny. This is why she gets the job done, but not at all costs. She realizes the stakes of the situation are too high to lose her own humanity in the process.

She finds interaction with the other races of the universes enlightening and daunting. She chokes back anger at what was done to the Krogan, looking back in the past of Earth to see the residual scars that marred humanity’s progress for so long. As she enters the Citadel, she is not sure she can endorse their hierarchical structure that excludes by default, realizing that a government that does not fully represent cannot rule in a manner that keeps equality in mind.

My Commander Shepard? She is fighting for understanding between humans and the rest of the galaxy.

This is a series of posts seeking to highlight the various Commanders Shepard of the Mass Effect universe, and make sure people don’t forget that not everyone plays a default white male option that looks like every other space marine out there. Inspiration from Arie Salih.