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News Roundup: Happy November!

TGIF, Border House folks! This is the second installment of our new feature where we summarize the week in gaming and link to our favorite articles of the week. Be sure to add your own news and links in the … Continue reading

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Briefly: The News

A bunch of interesting things have happened today, so I thought I would throw together a brief post. The Good: New Dreamfall from Ragnar Tornquist’s new studio – more info at Kotaku and an interview at Rock Paper Shotgun. Halo 4 Creators … Continue reading

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Dragon Age 3 announcement

The Dragon Age series has been discussed frequently on this site. Today marks an official announcement of the Dragon Age 3 on the BioWare blog. The series has an ever growing set of wonderfully rich characters and we look forward … Continue reading

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Mass Effect Goes Multiplayer

After months of rumors and speculation, BioWare has confirmed that, Mass Effect 3, the final part of their space opera action RPG trilogy, will feature a 4-player online co-op mode. BioWare introducing multiplayer at such a late stage in the … Continue reading

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Beyond Good & Evil HD!

The fantastic news that Beyond Good and Evil will be released in HD (in 2011) hit the internets today.  Kirk Hamilton of Gamer Melodico got a bit of a hands-on at the Ubisoft’s Digital Day press event.  Being the excitable … Continue reading

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Change to xbox live code of conduct

Members of the Xbox LIVE community received an open letter today. It read as follows: A Letter from Marc Whitten: Update to Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct Published March 5, 2010 Dear Xbox LIVE members, Since the beginning, Microsoft has … Continue reading

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Dragon Age comic out in March, written by raging homophobe Orson Scott Card

Via Joystiq comes news that the first issue of the Dragon Age comic that was announced back in October will be out in March 2010. It is being produced by IDW Publishing and, unfortunately, still being written by Orson Scott … Continue reading

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Maddow on Virtual Astroturfing Via Facebook Games

On Friday’s show, Rachel Maddow did a segment on some shady anti-health care reform activism going on in some free-to-play Facebook games and other places on the web: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy … Continue reading

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Why The Border House has a need to exist

When we first launched The Border House just over a week ago, I posted to the wow_ladies LiveJournal community about its existence.  Being that the wow_ladies group is all female WoW gamers, some of whom identify as feminist –  I … Continue reading

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Man marries a Nintendo DS character

A Japanese man by the username of Sal9000 has more than a crush on the character Nene Anegasaki from the Nintendo DS game Love Plus.  He loves her so much, in fact, that he legally married her! Japanese computer gamers … Continue reading

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