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Nintendo Updates Their Statement on Tomodachi Life

Yesterday I lamented Nintendo’s original response to fan led requests for same sex relationships in the 3DS sim game Tomodachi Life. But later that same day Nintendo issued a second press release: We apologize for disappointing many people by failing … Continue reading

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Open Thread

Adorable 3DS life sim Animal Crossing: New Leaf launched yesterday in North America and will be out this weekend in Europe. Who’s playing? Here’s a thread to share fossil collecting tips and exchange friend codes.

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Style Savvy’s Fashion Limitations

I’ve borrowed a 3DS and have been playing Style Savvy: Trendsetters, the sequel to the 2009 DS game Style Savvy. They are both fashion games that are part business sim: players take on the role of a manager of a … Continue reading

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Today in Bad Advertising: Nintendo 3DS “Not a Gamer” campaign

If you’ve watched TV recently you might have seen this set of commercials promoting the Nintendo 3DS as a device that’s not just for gamers.  The commercials show one popular female star (such as Sarah Hyland from Modern Family) playing … Continue reading

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Characters in Mario Kart 7

I’ve been playing a lot of Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS recently, and while I think it’s a great game, the character choice is extremely frustrating. Back in 1992, the original Super Mario Kart on the SNES featured eight … Continue reading

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Style Savvy’s Most Glaring Issue

I played and finished Style Savvy earlier this year, and I kind of loved it. If you’re unfamiliar, it is Nintendo’s aggressively-marketed fashion game for the DS where you play as a stylist and boutique manager. You buy clothes to … Continue reading

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Samus Aran will not be playable in DOA

Quite recently Team Ninja revealed that its next Dead or Alive title, subtitled Dimensions and for the upcoming 3DS, will feature a stage from the same developer’s recent Metroid title. This stage would feature a hazard in Ridley, long-time Samus … Continue reading

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3DS: The Border House guide to Nintendo’s new handheld

Nintendo held a press release today, finally releasing lots of juicy tidbits about their new portable.  The 3DS is the next installment in the DS line of handhelds, and looks to be an expensive way to get your gaming in … Continue reading

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Metroid: Othering Samus

This post has spoilers for the the Metroid series in general and Metroid: Other M in particular. On the surface, there seemed a lot of promise for Metroid: Other M (and yes, I’ve already given my hand), particularly in the … Continue reading

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E3 2010: Keynote Highlights and Strict Gamer Binaries

After day one of E3 2010 there had already been lots of interesting announcements. The major keynotes and press conferences are now over, and it’s been interesting, but also often frustrating, to see directly from the publishers and developers what … Continue reading

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