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Open Thread!

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve done one of these, so let’s get together and chat a bit.  What’s going on in your world?  Or for some inspiration, answer this question:  If you could only bring one videogame with you to a desert island (and you had the required console, handheld device, or computer to play it) which would you bring?  Come on out, lurkers!  Introduce yourselves and stick around awhile.

Brought to you by this awesome piece of art by eleyonart on DeviantArt.

On the top it says "choose your character".  A male character is shown on the left, fully covered in silver plate armor.  A woman is shown on the right in a plate mail bikini and basically a tiny loincloth.  Below, a female gamer is shown at her computer with a thought bubble "Are you kidding me?"


Open Thread: Neverwinter

My character in Neverwinter, a redhaired Halfling Devoted Cleric with a fauxhawk and full chainmail armor standing in front of some castles.

Cryptic Studios’ Neverwinter is a game that kind of snuck up on me.  I’m not a huge D&D aficionado and don’t follow or know the lore all that well, and I didn’t spend much time in Dungeons & Dragons Online.  But Neverwinter is actually a pretty solid free-to-play experience that I’ve been quite enjoying over the last week or so.

The Facts:

  • It’s technically in “Open Beta” but characters won’t be wiped and they’re accepting real money transactions so nothing will be deleted.  Basically it’s a way to have a “get out of jail free card” but essentially the game has launched.
  • Appears to be PC only.
  • More of an MMO than Dungeons & Dragons Online but instead feels more similar to a game like Diablo 3 than it does to a traditional MMO.
  • Plenty of things to do in this game!  Max level is 60, there is PvP, player made dungeons, questing, skirmishes (5 person adventures), tradeskills (including an offline version), gear treadmills, etc.
  • Speaking of player made dungeons, one of the neatest features of Neverwinter is the Foundry, where players can make awesome scripted dungeons for each other.  So far I’ve played a few and the writing and lore were surprisingly well-developed.  Seems like it will unlock a lot of creativity and replayability in the game.
  • There is a boob slider. =(  On the plus side, at level 15 on my Halfling Devoted Cleric, I haven’t been given a single piece of armor that shows any of my skin.  She is shown above in the top picture sporting her fauxhawk.
  • The game is free! There are some complaints about it being “pay to win” but that doesn’t really bother or affect me and my mostly solo playstyle.  I haven’t felt too compelled to pay yet, and I’m getting a ton of value out of this game for free.  Your mileage may vary here.

I have a 43 minute recording of myself playing and talking quite a bit about the game in case you want to check it out here.

Anyone else playing?  I’m curious to hear some thoughts from our readers.  Discuss below.


Bioshock Infinite: Open Thread

A screenshot of Bioshock Infinite.  An African American woman and her Caucasian husband are shown tied up on stage, a few monkey cartoons in 'blackface' behind them.  A ringmaster is shown to the right, pointing at them.  The caption reads: "Groom: Please, what are you doing?"

Bioshock Infinite released this week, and I know I’m not the only one playing this game.  I actually went in just about completely blind aside from watching a couple of trailers — so I was completely shocked and blown away to see that racism is a huge theme in the game.  I’m only a couple of hours in, but I can already tell that this title will be worth quite a few articles here on The Border House with regards to how it deals with social inequalities as a main theme.  I’ve heard from others on Twitter that later on in the game it becomes quite problematic.

I’m more than impressed so far in terms of the look & feel of the game.  If you aren’t playing this game with headphones, you definitely should try it.  The sound design is absolutely phenomenal and it is worthy of paying attention to.  I’m playing on Easy because I’m terrible with shooter games and really just want to experience the story and the environment, but so far I’ve really enjoyed the combat.  And I could seriously just run around looking at the steampunky world-in-the-clouds forever.

I’d love to see some conversation happening about this game in the comments.  Make sure to use spoiler warnings in case you plan to mention any critical plot elements.  Let’s chat!

Friday Fun: Open Thread!

A unicorn striding majestically across a stream. A brilliant sunset lights up the landscape, and a rainbow rises above the sunset.

Today’s Friday Fun is hosted by this fantastic post.  Ever wondered why there just aren’t enough male characters in video games?  Want to hear quotes about why this blatant sexism is going on?  Read this for an exclusive look at why there are no men in video games.

Go on, talk amongst yourselves!  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. :)

Friday Fun: Open Thread!

Two adorable Plants vs Zombies plushies: a Peashooter and Wall-Nut, created by Arixystix Creations.

Two adorable Plants vs Zombies plushies: a Peashooter and Wall-Nut, created by Arixystix Creations.

It’s *almost* the weekend, and that means it’s time for another Friday Fun!  We’re pretty sure this weekend is going to be all Dragon Age II and PAX East, but what else do you have going on in your real life or gaming world?

Me, I’m heading off into the wilderness for the weekend to go camping with my horse and 30 other cowgirls.  It’s going to be quite the adventure and I’m not sure what I’ll do without my precious internet!  On that note, moderation may be slower than usual this weekend while Brinstar and Alex are both at PAX and I’m roughing it in the great outdoors.

Talk amongst yourselves!  What are you playing?

Note: To buy patterns for these super cute plushies and more, please visit Arixystix Creations.

Friday Fun: Open Thread!

My character in RIFT (which launched in headstart yesterday), a short, purply-blue skinned female Mage with short spiky hair.

Hey everyone!  First of all, sorry about the radio silence over the past week – things have been pretty busy around here with GDC preparation and other things getting in the way.  But that’s not going to stop the heroic OPEN THREAD this week!  Go ahead and chit chat about whatever is on your mind, and I hope everyone has a great weekend. :)

So, whatcha playing?

Friday Fun: Open Thread!

A grey t-shirt with two slimes on it from the Dragon Quest series. One is blue, one is yellow. White hearts surround the slimes, and the text "Be my ValenSlime" is printed on the t-shirt. Slimes are completely genderless, so you can interpret their relationship however you want!

Anyone who has played Dragon Quest games has a soft spot for these Slimes, just admit it.  It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another open thread.  Talk amongst yourselves about anything you’d like!

For me, life is all Mass Effect.  I finally beat Mass Effect last weekend and so I’m moving on to Mass Effect 2.  I’m trying hard to resist the pull of the new EverQuest progression server, which launches on Feb 15th.  What are you playing?  What’s on the agenda for this weekend?

Friday Fun – Open Thread!

Two adorable teacups stacked on top of each other, one blue and one pink. They both have cute happy faces on them. I am a sucker for adorable teacups and teapots.

It’s Friday again!  That means it’s time to chit chat about anything you want as long as you abide by our comment policy.  What’s new with me?  Well, I purchased Magicka on Steam and I can’t wait to go home and play it.  From what I hear, it’s a good amount of fun despite the bugs it currently has.  What about you?  What are you playing?

Friday Fun: Open Thread!

A cartoon of Pac-Man looking at a laptop screen. On it is a depiction of a "social network" showing Pac-Man's latest 'followers': Blue Ghost, Yellow Ghost, Red Ghost. Pac-Man says "Oh, #@*!"

It’s Friday yet again, and it’s time to talk amongst yourselves.  What’s going on this weekend?  Playing anything new and fun?  Doing anything interesting?

For me, I’m going to get some quality Mass Effect 1 time in before it’s off to San Francisco next week.