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Game of the Day: Conversations With My Mother, by Merritt Kopas

Merritt Kopas released a new Twine game today called Conversations With My Mother. It’s an affecting piece, strongly executed. Play it. Click here for more games of the day.

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Game of the Day: Violet by Jeremy Freese

Today’s GOTD was submitted by reader Tobias. Violet, winner of IF Comp 2008, is a story about a relationship; it’s funny and a little bit heartbreaking. It’s also the only game I’ve ever played that has a “heteronormativity off” command, … Continue reading

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What Cosmo says about women who game: we have more sex

According to every feminist’s favorite whipping-girl of women’s magazines, Cosmo, women who play videogames have sex an average four times a week where women who don’t only have sex an average of three times a week.  I think by “women,” … Continue reading

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