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Games Imitating Life: Rape Culture In MMORPGs?

The following is a guest post from J.E. Keep: J.E. Keep, and his partner M. Keep, write romance and erotica, administer their adult forum Darknest (a fantasy erotica site for gamers) and read simply everything. All while playing games and … Continue reading

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The Do It Yourself RPG: An Interview with Game Designer Filamena Young

Filamena Young is a game’s writer with several years of experience in the industry. She’s written for a variety of RPG properties, including White Wolf (she is a co-author of the Vampire the Requiem supplement Strange, Dead Love) Margret Weis … Continue reading

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Clicks on a Keyboard: Dungeons, Dragons, and Trans-Feminism

  What I love about “click” is that it can happen anywhere, anytime, for any reason. It can best be defined as the moment you became conscious of the personal being political, the moment you learned a social fact through … Continue reading

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Cyberfucking While Feminist, Episode II

Author’s Note: I am sorry this wasn’t updated sooner. I’ve been exceedingly busy at school as of late and I’ve had very little time to write for any of my sites. But rest assured that one way or another this series will … Continue reading

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Cyberfucking While Feminist

One of the driving themes of my gaming writing has been to emphasize the fact that how we experience games is a factor of the games players forge for themselves and not just what the developers hand us. There are … Continue reading

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