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Amber Scott’s Sword of Burning Gold: Inclusion in an Incursion

What is staggering about much that passes under the banner of “fantasy” is how decidedly narrow its escapist vision tends to be. In both fantasy and sci-fi, far from transcending the fetters of real world limitations, we see our own … Continue reading

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Boob Sliders, Or How Role-Playing Games Helped Me Transition

The following is a guest post from Samantha Allen: Samantha Allen is a transgender woman and an ex-Mormon. She is also a third-year PhD student in the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Emory University writing a dissertation … Continue reading

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The Escapist on Wussy RPG Girls

Today, in The Escapist, journalist Eileen Stahl writes an intriguing analysis of wimpy women in Japanese role-playing games that hardly deserve the title “heroine.”  She links these wimpy women to the tradition of Kabuki theater in 17th century Japan, which both artistically … Continue reading

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The Laboratory of Dreams: Theory from an RPG Sourcebook

  This is a crosspost from my blog, Nuclear Unicorn, enjoy! When we’re children we’re often taught that great ideas are the product of great minds; blessed ideas that spring forth from the creator’s cranium like Athena from Zeus, fully … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Leanne

by guest contributor Sparky Clarkson Michael “Sparky” Clarkson is a biophysical researcher at a small university in Boston, and is originally from Alabama. He blogs at Discount Thoughts.   To a large extent, my enjoyment of a game depends on … Continue reading

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Designing Against the Default Human

A friend linked this post about the indie flash game Every Day the Same Dream, a conversation between Nick Montfort and Mary Flanagan about criticisms of the game with regard to gender and race, and the implications of changing the … Continue reading

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