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Kings of Pain: On Gender and Power in Shadow of Mordor

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from veteran game reviewer and critic Carolyn Petit, formerly an editor at GameSpot and who currently writes game-crit at her blog A Game of Me, where this piece is crossposted from. This post … Continue reading

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Women Who Stream: Jasmine Hruschak

Recently the game streaming service Twitch was rumored to be in deals with Google for a one billion dollar acquisition. The internet lit up, with responses ranging from outrage that Twitch could sell out and skepticism that a billion wasn’t … Continue reading

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WisCon Panel “Feminism in Gaming 2013”

At the end of last month, Madison, Wisconsin was home to the annual science fiction feminist convention known as WisCon. Gaming has made its way into some of the panels in recent years and the following will be a summary … Continue reading

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A Rundown of What’s Going on with Penny Arcade Now

It hasn’t been that long since the last time Penny Arcade did something that cast the company in a negative light, but here we are again with another fiasco that’s been making its way around Twitter today.  I thought it … Continue reading

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Dragon’s Crown — Basically ‘Boobs & Butts: The Game’

Sometimes, you see an artistic interpretation of anatomy that just defies all expectations.  One that makes you wish that everyone else on the internet could experience it along with you.  Today that title is Dragon’s Crown, an upcoming 2D “multiplayer … Continue reading

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Sexism in Video Games Panel at ETSUcon

During the last weekend of April, I had the privilege of traveling to East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN to be on the “Sexism in Video Games” panel at their inaugural ETSUcon. The panel consisted of Kat Haché, Jennifer … Continue reading

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Kickstart This: GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming

GTFO is a documentary project by Shannon Sun-Higginson that seeks to cover the experiences of women in game development, game journalism, and pro-gaming. There are a few things I like about this project. While the phrase “women in games” has … Continue reading

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#1ReasonToBe GDC Panel Now Available on The GDC Vault

After this year’s GDC in March, Tami wrote about the panel that rocked the conference: #1ReasonToBe. That panel is now available to watch online for free on the GDC Vault. Check it out to see Brenda Romero, Robin Hunicke, Leigh … Continue reading

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Presented Without Commentary: Aeria’s Scarlet Blade Ad

  I just, I don’t even know what to say about this advertisement for Aeria Games’ free to play game, Scarlet Blade.  But I’m sure you all have plenty of opinions, so the comments are below.

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The 2013 Game Developer Gender Wage Gap

I’m reading through the latest digital edition of Game Developer Magazine which contains their annual survey.  The salary numbers overall weren’t concerning to me, until I scrolled down and saw the differences between the male and female survey respondents.  The … Continue reading

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