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Border House DLC: This Week in Videogames

 Walkthrough Big releases: Far Cry 3, and “Dragonborn” DLC for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Also, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has been born again as an iOS app. Eh, there are plenty of  console-to-iOS reboots of much better games. Like … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Making of an Ally, Female Character Design, More From Film Crit Hulk

I told you there was a lot of good stuff recently! First, a post at Pax Valkyrie called (Trigger warning for sexual harassment) “No Flat Girls: How Allies Are Born,” which is the personal story of one woman in the … Continue reading

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FFVII Replay: “Just the same as him…”

The next segment of Final Fantasy VII is important because it introduces Aeris. But first, Cloud, Tifa, and Barret go on another mission to blow up Mako Reactor #5. The scenery is exactly the same as the first mission, though … Continue reading

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Female sexuality as a weapon

With the recent release of Bayonetta, I was reminded of female sexuality being used as a weapon or a power in games. This is not an original idea. Having not played Bayonetta I will only mention some other games that … Continue reading

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