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Please Stop: The Trans Joke at the Spike Video Game Awards

[TW: Discussion of transphobic joke, real-life experiences of transphobia.] Like many graduate students, I was still finishing up last week’s work at 6 PM on a Saturday. I put on Spike TV’s annual Video Game Awards (re-branded this year as … Continue reading

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A Rundown of What’s Going on with Penny Arcade Now

It hasn’t been that long since the last time Penny Arcade did something that cast the company in a negative light, but here we are again with another fiasco that’s been making its way around Twitter today.  I thought it … Continue reading

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Game of the Day: Conversations With My Mother, by Merritt Kopas

Merritt Kopas released a new Twine game today called Conversations With My Mother. It’s an affecting piece, strongly executed. Play it. Click here for more games of the day.

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A Mile in Her Shoes: Teaching Transphobia through Video Games

I had tried to teach my students in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 100 about transphobia before. When I unwittingly assigned them a classic feminist essay that contained some transphobic language (including an uncritical quotation of Janice Raymond, the use … Continue reading

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Let’s Discuss: Apologies

Originally posted on Vorpal Bunny Ranch. Oh no! Suddenly your social media feeds and inbox are full of irate people peppering you with accusations of being insensitive, a bigot, all because you used a sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc. word, image, or phrase. What … Continue reading

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How to be transphobic, the Alpha Colony Kickstarter way

  Danielle Bunten Berry was one of the more influential video gaming pioneers in our industry.  The designer and programmer was known for her work on titles that were always ahead of their time, such as M.U.L.E., The Seven Cities of … Continue reading

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dys4ia: A game about hormone replacement therapy

  [Trigger Warning: Transphobia] Anna Anthropy, also known as Auntie Pixelante, is an occasional guest writer for us and the author of the new book Rise of the Videogame Zinesters.  It would be an absolute shame not to talk about … Continue reading

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How Not to Write About a Transgendered Person

The following is a guest post from Anna Anthropy: Anna Anthropy is a white transwoman, game designer, critic and sadist, a classic dyke in the “Elizabeth Bathory” mode. Did you know her first book is coming out in March? Now you do, … Continue reading

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Doing it Right – Playstation: The Official Magazine Handles Transphobic Hate Speech

(Trigger Warning- Transphobic slurs) There are a lot of nay-sayers to social justice activism, even jaded, pessimistic gamers within the cause who feel big companies who profit off of the discrimination of minorities will never change. It’s easy to see … Continue reading

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Activist Games

A few items from the past month that I wanted to bring to our readers’ attention: First, Auntie Pixelante has created a game called Defend the Land, which is a satire of transphobic “women-born-women” policies at music festivals like MichFest. … Continue reading

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