<html><img src="http://borderhouseblog.com/stuff/uterus6.png"></html>\n\nBear: "Oh lookit that. I'm in your ovary now. This is just spectacular indeed. I know I'm there now. Everything feels right. Here is where the [[eggs|eggs]] are stored, it's the mothership..."\n\n[[attempt to cure the pain|cure1]]
So, this is a game about the female reproductive system. It shouldn't offend you (much) but if you're at a place of business that doesn't appreciate 800 pixels of uterus up on the screen you might want to navigate away. \n\nDon't say you weren't warned.\n\nIn addition, this is pretty goddamn [[ciscentric|ciscentric]]. I'm sorry about that.\n\nVisitors: remember, female anatomy does not a woman make. Also, this is not for medical purposes. Don't try this at home.\n\n[[behold|the magic]]\n\n
Bear enters your left fallopian tube.\n\n<html><img src="http://borderhouseblog.com/stuff/uterus4.png"></html>\n\nBear says "I can tell I'm getting closer! These wonderful oviducts, these uterine tubes, these salpinges, [[fallopian tubes|explainfallopian]]! These tubes carry ovum down to the uterus for implantation. It's some epic stuff. Let me continue!"\n\n[[squeeze through the fallopian tube|squeeze]]\n[[go back down|uterus2]]
Sorry, when Bear has a mission it must be completed at all costs. Bear is a completionist.\n\n[[go back|vagina again]]
Why did you throw it? Listen to your doctor. He went to like 12 years of med school, he knows what he's talking about. \n\n[[go back|take back decision]]
Bear draws up a fluid inside a syringe.\n\n<html><img src="http://borderhouseblog.com/stuff/syringe.jpg"></html>\n\nHe carefully injects it into the side of your ovary, releasing the numbing medicine that takes away all of the pain.\n\n[[thank you, Bear.|thanks]]
Bear is in the cervix.\n\n<html><img src="http://borderhouseblog.com/stuff/cervix.png"></html>\n\nBear says: "Cervix means 'neck of the womb'. It opens and closes when it wants, basically to let sperm through if they happen to be knocking on the door. Also, [[blood|blood]] and stuff comes out. The cervix is firm, except when it softens during ovulation."\n\n[[go back down|vagina again]]\n[[continue upward, who knows what Bear will find?|uterus1]]
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"Hello? Oh, there's nothing wrong with you." the doctor says.\n\n"You're normal." the doctor says.\n\n"Once you understand what is really happening in there, it will all make sense." \n\n"Here", the doctor says, "[[take this bear|take bear]]".
Bear says: "Ding ding ding! A woman starts out at birth with every fucking egg she will ever create in her life. How's that for efficiency?"\n\n\n<html><img src="http://borderhouseblog.com/stuff/eggs.jpg"></html>\n\n[[next question|againagain]]
<html><img src="http://borderhouseblog.com/stuff/uterus3.png"></html>\n\nBear: "There just isn't a whole lot I can do here. I'm looking around but I just don't see what I'm looking for. I'm afraid that my destination is still yet ahead."\n\n[[continue upward|fallopian1]]\n[[go back down|uterus1]]\n
Bear: "Congratulations, you have been listening all along. You are smarter than I thought you'd be, considering how much blood you've lost throughout this ordeal.\n\n[[hurry up with it, Bear, and pour the serum|serum]]
A pervasive and institutionalized system that others transgender people and treats their needs and identities as less important than those of cisgender people.\n\n<html><a href="http://www.borderhouseblog.com/stuff/uterii.html">back to the beginning</a></html>
<html><img src="http://borderhouseblog.com/stuff/uterus6.png"></html>\n\nBear: "I'm afraid we have a problem here. I just don't feel like you've been paying attention. I'm supposed to be getting rid of this pain for you, and you can't even give me the time of day?\n\nAnswer a question for me. How much blood is lost in one menstruation cycle?\n\n[[1 cup|wrong]]\n[[less than half a cup|right1]]\n[[3 tablespoons|wrong]]
Bear rolls his eyes and says "everyone knows that the fallopian tubes were named after Gabriele Falloppio, the 16th century Italian anatomist who named them." \n\n[[that's great, bear.|fallopian1]]
Really? You're just going to let this fucking bear hang out in your fallopian tube forever? What the fuck.\n\n[[suck it up and squeeze the damn bear|ovary1]]
You turn the bear over and see a small paper tag attached by a string. \n\n[[read the tag, you have nothing else to do|read the tag]]\n\n<html><img src="http://www.borderhouseblog.com/stuff/bear.png"></html>
Bear is excited to tell you that "a woman is born with every egg she will ever have. She starts out with 2 million, has about 400,000 at puperty, and only releases about 500 eggs total."\n\n<html><img src="http://borderhouseblog.com/stuff/eggs.jpg"></html>\n\n[[nice to know, Bear|ovary1]]
Bear is at the entry to your uterus.\n\n<html><img src="http://borderhouseblog.com/stuff/uterus2.png"></html>\n\nBear says "this area is also known as the cavity of cervix. Not a whole lot happens here on a regular basis. Basically you hang out here on your way out, or on your way into the uterus by way of the internal orifice. Real exciting stuff here, no?"\n\n[[continue upward toward the pain|uterus2]]\n[[go back down|cervix]]
Bear is now safely within your uterus.\n\n<html><img src="http://borderhouseblog.com/stuff/uterus3.png"></html>\n\nBear exclaims: "The uterus! What a beautiful creation. Some women have them, not all women do. Those who do, might decide to impregnate. If so, the fetus would grow here. If not, the endometrial lining will shed and menstruation happens. Yep, this is the culprit."\n\n[[attempt to fix the pain|fixpainuterus]]\n[[go back down|uterus1]]\n[[continue upward|fallopian1]]
Bear yells at you for being wrong. Don't you ever listen?\n\n[[try again|cure1]]
You've no choice my friend. Bear is here to stay with only one way to go -- up.\n\n[[go up|cervix]]
<html><img src="http://www.borderhouseblog.com/stuff/beartag.png"></html>\n\nYou're in pain. You've got to [[insert Bear.|insert bear]]
Oh god, the aching pain. Searing throughout your back and abdomen. Every 28 days, it exists as a constant reminder that it owns you. \n\nUnbearable. \n\n[[go to the gyno doc|go to the doctor]]\n
<html><img src="http://borderhouseblog.com/stuff/uterus5.png"></html>\n\nBear: "Well, it appears I'm stuck. What the fuck do I do now? Could you help me out a bit? Give me a little squeeze."\n\n[[squeeze Bear|ovary1]]\n[[oh hell no|escape2]]
It was a struggle. I mean, bears aren't *supposed* to go up there.\n\n<html><img src="http://borderhouseblog.com/stuff/uterus1.png"></html>\n\nBut there he is. In the vagina. Like, not the outer part. But inside. Probably where a penis or elaborate sex toy would be, if you're into that kind of penetrative thing but perhaps not that far up. Unless he or she is well-endowed. \n\n[[go up|cervix]]\n[[get me the fuck out of here|escape]]
Bear looks impatient. "Okay, one more question before I can release the serum. \n\nWhat are the fallopian tubes named after?"\n\n[[the person who discovered them|dude]]\n[[the type of cells that comprise the tubes|wrong3]]\n[[the shape that the tubes form|wrong3]]
Bear claps loudly. "Yay! You're not a dimwit. It's not that much, it's less than half a cup. No biggie.\n\n<html><img src="http://www.borderhouseblog.com/stuff/halfcup.jpg"></html>\n\nNext question.\n\nTrue or False? A woman creates eggs all throughout her life in her ovaries.\n\n[[True, duh|wrong2]]\n[[False, quit trying to decieve me|right2]]
Bear waves goodbye and begins his epic adventure battling his way back out of your reproductive system.\n\nOnce he emerges, he takes a look at you and smiles.\n\n[[this is getting creepy...|creepy]]
What in the fuck are you supposed to do with this bear? \n\n[[look closer|look at the bear]]\n[[throw the bear|throw bear]]\n\n<html><img src="http://www.borderhouseblog.com/stuff/bear.png"></html>
<html><img src="http://borderhouseblog.com/stuff/sleepbear.jpg"></html>\n\nThe End.
Bear is about one more wrong answer away from jumping on top of you and gnawing your nose off. You don't want that.\n\n[[try again|againagain]]
Bear is furious. Why does no one ever listen to Bear?\n\n[[try again|right1]]
By <html><a href="http://www.twitter.com/cuppy">@cuppy</a></html>
Don't worry, Bear forgives you.\n\n[[look closer|look at the bear]]\n
Bear: "Yes, it seems like a lot. But it's less than half a cup of blood lost in an entire period cycle. Chill out."\n\n[[return|cervix]]